Information of the activities in the community houses and Viikki area is available on our web sites or by visiting the houses. If you have an idea for activity or want to reserve the premises for your own use, contact the coordinator of the houses, tel. 050 551 5994, [email protected].

Briefly in English

Community houses in Viikki-Latokartano area

There are five community houses in Viikki Latokartano owned by the accommodation houses of the area. The ownership is arranged via the local parking company ”Latokartanon Pysäköinti Oy”. All the inhabitants are paying 0,12 €/sqm in their accommodation fees to cover the running costs of the commonly owned houses. The community houses are established to serve all the inhabitants in their hobbies and leisure time.

Each of the existing five houses is covering different kind of activities. By these means we are trying to serve as many inhabitants as possible. The City of Helsinki started to establish this kind of facilities as part of European Union trial to ensure local community activities in the suburban areas of the big cities.

KAARI, Tilanhoitajankaari 9, was built in 2000 at the same time with the heavier construction of the first accommodation housing in the area. Kaari is designed for big meetings and private parties. There are also different artistic and physical courses arranged in these premises. The house is fitted with audiovisual equipment and well equipped kitchen facilities. There is table ware available up to 50 people for various kinds of meetings.

KIILA, Kevättori 2, was constructed 2002 for all kinds of handcraft hobbies. There is a separate room for textile works with five looms, several sewing machines etc. The other room is equipped with all kinds of tools for wood works (including circular saws, band sawing machine, grinders, bores, etc.). There is also equipment for small form metal, glass and enamel works. Different courses are kept in these premises for the inhabitants’ needs.

KUNTO, Leskirouva Freytagin kuja 10, was built in 2005 and designed for all kind of sporting activities. In Kunto one can play different kinds of ball games or take part in dancing courses. There is also a well equipped gym for individual users which users can visit every day of the year (after receiving the keys).

MOTTI, Von Daehnin katu 5, was established 2009. The house is designed for maintenance purposes of all kind of personal vehicles e.g. cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles etc. Basic tools are available as well as motorized lifts for cars and bikes.

LAVA, Biologinkatu 5, was ready for usage in May 2011. Lava is aimed for activities of performing arts such as music,  dance and theatre. You can book Lava also for private parties. Lava has two well equipped training rooms for bands.